Our tests are presented in three ways – as Practice, Progress and Assessment Tests.

This Demonstration Test has 15 questions covering a range of topics and question types.

Try the Practice Test. Jump backwards and forwards between questions, check your answers as you go along and mark those that you are uncertain about. Finish the test and your results are immediately and automatically displayed. Download your Certificate of Achievement when you score 65% or more. Take the Practice Test as many times as you like.

Try the Progress and Assessment Tests – the same questions used in different ways.

(Note: Certificates of Achievement are normally only available after completion of Assessment Tests).

The Progress Table shows clearly how well you are doing in each of the specified criteria by showing you the level at which you are working. It is produced automatically and immediately after a test is completed and can be downloaded.

The Progress Report shows clearly how you are doing against each of the specified progress criteria. As you complete more tests, it becomes more detailed. A Progress Report is produced automatically and immediately after a test is completed.