How it works

Currently we have a wide range of tests graded by difficulty in English, Mathematics and Science for children aged 4 to 13.

These tests allow children to practise, check their progress and give parents a measure of their children's level of achievement and relative strengths and weaknesses.

How to start

Although you can access much of the site through the Search button at the top of every page without registering, you will need to register to enable your child to take any test whether a free demonstration test or a purchased test. Click here to register.

Please note that our range of tests is growing all the time. Further subjects will be added shortly. GCSE, A Level and University Entrance tests are also planned.

  • Once registered, you and your child log on.
  • If you want more than one child to use our tests you will need to register each child separately so that each child’s results are linked to their username.
  • Visit the Shop
    • Choose the subject
    • Choose the age group and the level of difficulty
    • Choose the type of test(s) – assessment, progress check or practice
    • Choose the question type eg multiple choice, blanks or Cloze
    • Access the test – some are free but some have to be purchased
  • The child takes the test(s) and gets the results at the end of the test(s)
  • Download the Certificate of Achievement
  • Download the Progress Table go to "Useful Links" and click on Progress
  • Read the online Progress Report
  • The results of every test are stored and can be accessed through your Dashboard – go to "Useful Links" and click on "My Results"