11+ English Spelling Fill in the Blanks 4 - Less Difficult to Extremely Difficult


This Course contains 1 test(s), of a variety of types, and a total of 25 question(s). The total time required for this Course, taking each test just once, should not exceed 0 hour(s) and 25 minutes.

This Course will be available for 60 days from the date of purchase.

This Course contains one or more sets of tests. Each set of tests contains different types of test, e.g. Practice Tests, Progress Check Tests, Assessment Tests etc. In a particular set of tests, the questions in each test are the same, but they are presented in different ways according to the type of test. So, if the course purchased contains one set of tests and each test has 25 questions these 25 questions will be presented as a Practice Test, a Progress Check Test or an Assessment Test. If the course purchased contains 5 sets of tests, each of these 5 sets of tests will contain a different set of 25 questions.

Questions in a Test may require single or multiple answers.

Certificates of Achievement can only be downloaded if all the Assessment Tests in a Course are passed.